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This is an avatar made for VRChat. This avatar supports full body tracking and index controllers in VRChat. Please read the terms of use before purchasing! This avatar is NOT Quest compatible.

Physbones values included! (You do not need to import Dynamic Bones!)

This avatar comes with PSD textures.

Base model used:

Maruchi by MariVR

Try on the trial public version here:
Bratbun's Avatars

Model Information:

  • Polygons: 86,507
  • Meshes: 13
  • Material Slots: 24

Unity Requirements:

  • Poiyomi Toon Shader 7.3.050
  • Unity 2019.4.31f1

In-Game SDK3:

  • Clothing Toggles
  • Body Customization
  • Receivers Toggle
  • Locomotion

This avatar comes with Physbones recievers!

  • Headpat Reciever
  • Nose Boop Reciever

Terms of Use:

  • This package CAN NOT be redistributed, given, or shared in any state.
  • This avatar CAN NOT be uploaded as public or to an avatar pedestal in VRChat.
  • This model CAN NOT be used commercially.
  • The assets used on this model CAN NOT be removed and used commercially.
  • DO NOT delete the credit meshes/texture crediting Mari for the base model, doing so will violate these terms.
  • DO NOT purchase this if you have no prior unity knowledge. By purchasing and using this avatar, you agree to these terms.
  • You are allowed to use this model for TikToks, streaming, etc, however you must give credit for the model and my shop link needs to be accessible from your page.
  • Commissions are ALLOWED as long as BOTH parties own the avatar LEGALLY.
  • Use of my work for anything of the likes of AI, NFTs, or Crypto is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • Purposefully filling out the required information at checkout incorrectly WILL invalidate your license key.

    There are NO EXCEPTIONS to these terms.
    Please do NOT copy/paste or reference my Terms of Use for your own products without my consent. Thank you.


If you purchase this avatar without any prior Unity knowledge, I will not be offering any kind of support.

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Hotfix V1.01:

Fixed some issues with the sub menus not being selected.

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No refunds are available for my products as they are digital merchandise and cannot be returned.

Last updated May 18, 2023

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Jinx (VRChat Avatar)

36 ratings
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